Meet The Creatives

Robin Jacobs - Robin has inextricably woven herself into the Miami Beach community after adopting Miami Beach as her home over 30 years ago, becoming a vital pillar and quintessential leader. Robin is the chair of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. She is also the founder and co-owner of numerous beauty and fashion companies, bringing her expertise for quality and sustainable products to 305 Candles. As her exemplary love letter to Miami Beach, Robin co-founded 305 Candles, the culmination of her passion for all things Miami.

Gracy Weberman - A New Yorker at birth, Gracy made Miami her home over 35 years ago and never looked back. As passionate as she is about helping local businesses through Benefits Consulting, Gracy is just as passionate about sharing what she loves with others. Proudly joining the 305 Candle family, Gracy can now share her love of Miami in a beautifully packaged candle. Gracy brings her discerning taste for the finest fragrances to capture the soul of Miami. 

Moshe Libbin - Moshe is known by his friends as Mr. Miami. Born and raised in the 305, Moshe cares deeply about the local community. Moshe is passionate about helping others and is always trying to better the world around him by developing and scaling business ideas. Moshe holds a BBA in Marketing and Corporate Strategy from Emory University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.